Round Up

added support for using GMail to send emails

Fixed a gender conversion problem
Fixed a issue of missing fields when you transfered an Annual match to the Current Match
see list of Changes for other fixes done.

18.04 fixes the sort order in rank details
18.03 fixes a export and import problem with ACES.
Use ACES Version 1.2.1 or higher

18.01 Now includes Wild Bunch Points Scoring
Includes Exporting and Importing to ACES (Apple IOS and Android Scoring)

ACES Instructions Updated 10/10/2012
List of Changes

IF your Roundup is OLDER than 17.06, then you need to upgrade to 17.09B BEFORE you can upgrade to 18 Roundup File ver 17.09B
ver B
Fixed a gender conversion problem

Multi Match Walk Thru

Note: read the txt file included in the zip

Requires at least a screen resolution of 1024x768

This program is of my own creation. You may use it FREE. You may not sell it. I welcome all comments and suggestions.
Appalachian Alan

I have tested the program some and have not found any problems.
Please let me know if you have any trouble


You must already have Microsoft Access 2000 or above. I also recommend that you have Microsoft Excel
If you do not have Access 97 and cannot get it, You can use the Run Time version from the the link below..
You can use a Access 97 or 2003 RunTime that is free

Discussion Forum is now set up

How to Convert your current database

I write this program for you the users, If you would like to see something, let me know.


VERSION 16.003

11/10/09 Version 16.003 release for Access 2000 and up

Download Here

Changed a number of things
I'll need to update the instructions eventually. Main function of scoring is still the same.
Please remember that if you are scoring a time match. Set the max times in the Match Information area. Otherwise a DQ will be 999 sec.
I hope I remembered to do everything I wanted, but if not, we'll put out a patch



1/6/09 Version 15.2.2 release for Access 2000 and up.
Fixed bug for possable missing Club Information.
Also Added a wait list. (it's in the "add shooter" screen)

9/26/08 Version 15.2.1 is released for Access 2000 and up.
Some overall reports were added. Also some coding was changed. Also made some changes to make it more user proof.

The Access 97 version is no longer being updated.
I highly suggest you try out the 2000 version.


For Microsoft Access 97 Users ONLY Version 15 Zipped File 2.2MB
For Microsoft Access 2000 and Up Users ONLY Version 15.2.2 Zipped File 3.6MB


For Microsoft Access 97 Users ONLY Version 14.3 Zipped File 2MB or Not Compressed 10MB
For Microsoft Access 2000 and Up Users ONLY Version 14.3Zipped File 1MB or Not Compressed 6MB


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